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"Vicki is so passionate and skilled. She really cares that everyone gets the best out of each class within their own capabilities and it’s in such an encouraging way that it is infectious and makes you want to try harder."

Rosie B - Brighton


BOSH fitness


Exercising together wherever you are, BOSH Fitness brings you online strength and conditioning training to make you stronger, fitter and happier.

BOSH Fitness was founded by Vicki Fong in 2020. She began delivering online exercise classes to support the wellbeing of her community during the challenges of the pandemic.

BOSH Fitness | Dumbbell and Kettlebell live online classes and on-demand video hire

Vicki currently delivers live online kettlebell and dumbbell classes, bespoke 1-to1 sessions, and offers on-demand videos to the BOSH community.

She offers a free 30minute online consultation for those interest in joining the BOSH Strength Training Community!

"Cannot recommend BOSH Fitness enough. Vicki is an amazing trainer, absolutely outstanding, and her classes are excellent - they are a permanent fixture in my weekly schedule"

Kitty B - London

"Vicki’s enthusiasm, energy and passion are truly inspiring and I found it impossible not to fall in love with kettlebells under her expert guidance. Each session is different and Vicki puts a lot of effort into responding to the exercises I enjoy and building more of them into our one-to-ones."

Emma P - London


Working as a designer and university lecturer for over two decades, I have my own personal experience of poor fitness and health from a sedentary lifestyle and intensive work schedule. I empathise with individuals on the many barriers that they face in getting fitter and healthier.


In my thirties, I was fed up of being unfit and immersed myself into running, which quickly evolved into triathlons. Trying to fit in endurance training around a busy work schedule was incredibly hard and overuse injuries were common. Later into my thirties, I embarked on strength and conditioning training, which I found to be a wonderfully efficient way of training that got me stronger and helped me to mitigate injury.

Since 2020, it has been my mission to share the holistic benefits of strength and conditioning training. I bring together my problems solving skills as a designer, my drive to facilitate the progression of individuals as a lecturer,  with my knowledge as a personal trainer to support individuals in their journeys to feel stronger, fitter and happier!

Vicki is a certified L3 Programming and Coaching Personal Trainer.
CPD qualifications include:-
- Indian Clubs Instructor (2023)
- Indoor Group Cycling (2023)
- Core Training (2022)
- Kettlebell Instructor (2022)
- Suspension Training (2022)
- Circuit Training (2022)
- Functional Training (2022)

BOSH Fitness Founder | Vicki Fong

"I have suffered from weight related knee and back pains which are now a thing of the past thanks to Vicki’s dedicated and tailored warm up and cool downs in every session. I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough as someone who is both knowledgeable and dedicated to delivering bespoke training for everyone."

Ercan M - London

"I moved to my first Kettle STRONG this week and loved it. There’s no pressure or embarrassment about which weight to use, so it’s easy to choose the one that suits you; Vicki often gives alternative exercises so you can choose the one to suit your level of strength or energy!"

Vera C - Manchester

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VERY IMPORTANT : a BOSH Fitness Health Waiver form must be completed before attending any live class.













Kettlebell STRONG

Kettlebell FLOW* 

Dumbbell ReConnect**

Kettlebell STRONG

Kettlebell STRONG


Intermediate Class

FREE class on the first Wednesday of each month

All classes are delivered by Vicki Fong, sometimes classes will not be delivered due to instructor unavailability.

We will sometimes record clips from live classes and share for 24hours on Vicki's and the BOSH InstaStories; if you have any objection to this please inform us at any time or the instructor at the start or end of the class.

"Without a doubt: her workout sessions are very challenging but they are also the most fun and rewarding, both, mentally and physically. She always makes her classes feel so encouraging, welcoming and warm. There is no judgement about the state of your physical fitness and condition and not once did I feel self-conscious."

Vivien R - Hamburg

Live classes

delivered weekly on Zoom

Dumbbell ReConnect

Beginner friendly class - we recommend using light to medium weights

FREE class on the first Wednesday of each month! Paid class on all other Wednesdays. 


45 minutes


Beginner friendly class - we recommend using medium to heavy weights

There will be options for individuals to choose between controlled or dynamic movements.


50 minutes

Kettlebell STRONG

Kettlebell experience required - use a range of kettlebell weight sizes.

Develop your power with kettlebell swings and build strength with heavy deadlifts, squats, rows and presses.

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

45 minutes & 55 minutes

Kettlebell FLOW

An intermediate class - we recommend a light kettlebell.

A whole body workout. Continuously move from one exercise to the next with minimal breaks. 


45 minute

"Vicki is one of the best teachers you can find. She cares about every single person in her class with a holistic perspective. I love how she adapts each session depending on who is in the class and our abilities and preferences."

Phoebe CM - Eastbourne


anytime anywhere

a library of videos taken from live classes and videos created specifically for the on-demand video library


videos include:-



light to medium weights


medium to heavy weights



medium to heavy weights


medium to heavy weights



medium to heavy weight


medium to heavy weight


small to medium weight



dynamic movement - no weights



no weights